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Here's Why the Pill Is the Most Popular Form of Birth Control in America

Nearly all women use some form of contraception at some point in their life, with oral contraception — or “the pill” — one of the most common. Other than female sterilization, which is a permanent procedure that involves blocking or removing the fallopian tubes, the birth control pill accounts for the majority of contraceptive methods used in the United States.

At North Texas OB/GYN, our women’s health experts see the value in the pill as a reliable, effective form of contraception. Find out more about why the pill has held its place as one of the most popular forms of birth control in America. 

Why the pill? 

First and foremost, the pill is an effective form of contraception, but it also offers other benefits. 


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the birth control pill is 99.7 percent effective when taken as intended, meaning that only 0.3 percent of women get pregnant when they’re using the pill properly. No form of contraception is absolutely fool-proof, but the pill remains one of the most effective.

Regulates menstrual cycle

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of the birth control pill is that it can regulate your menstrual cycle. Many women experience irregular periods and wish to know when they’ll get their period — the pill can help you prepare and avoid accidents. 


The pill doesn’t require any shots, injections, implants, or other invasive procedures. While other forms of birth control don’t hurt most women, some women may be afraid of implants or shots and prefer to take an oral contraceptive.

Easy access

Most insurance companies cover the full cost of generic birth control pills. Also, the pill is the easiest form of birth control to get started on: Just see your provider, get an exam, and get a prescription, without the need to schedule a secondary appointment for an implant or other procedure.

Other health benefits

In addition to preventing pregnancy and regulating the menstrual cycle, many women love the pill because it keeps acne at bay, reduces menstrual cramps, prevents or reduces hormonal food cravings, lowers the risk of anemia, and lowers the risk for certain female reproductive cancers.

Is the pill right for you?

Choosing a form of birth control is a highly personal decision. If you need help deciding, your provider at North Texas OB/GYN can help you talk through your values, beliefs, lifestyle, and family goals — all important factors in choosing the right type of birth control for you. 

To learn more about the birth control pill, schedule a consultation at North Texas OB/GYN today. Call our Plano, Texas office at 469-240-1866 to book an appointment. You can also send a message to the team here on the website.

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